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Hey there! I'm Julie Compton - I am a multi-passionate creative. Part time reff.  A little bit about me? I love sports,  fishing with my papa, wild about design, fashion, and most of all - my pup, Annie!


I’m from a tiny town in Southwest Virginia and graduated from Radford University. Growing up, I had always wanted my very own studio. 


That's why C7 is here - I decided to start my own company. There’s nothing I love more than seeing people's visions come to life, to find a purpose in their ideas and for me to create it and run with your mission. I'm so glad you have found me - and hopefully we can connect and make a few things in this crazy life a little more beautiful.




“Hi!  I’m Olivia Pennington.  I am an artist who has a large love for all sorts of art including painting, drawing, graphic design, and crafting.  I have created art for as long as I can remember. 


In the past, my art has competed in school, local, state, and national art contests.  As much as I love creating artwork, I also love spending time with family and friends during my free time.  

I live in the beautiful area of Elk Creek in Grayson County, Virginia.   I recently graduated at Grayson County High School in 2021 and am now attending Wytheville Community College.  Soon, I plan to transfer into a four-year college to earn my degree in Graphic Design and continue doing what I love." 


We are a full time design and printing studio. We plan to make it our mission to bring high quality and excellent products to organizations and businesses through our creations. At Creative 7 Concepts,  We separate ourselves with our dedication to our craftsmanship and the relationships we build with our customers. We define our future by delivering the best quality screen printing, embroidery, graphics, and printing services. We strive to be your shop where you can expect more than you were imagining and your business of choice to take care of all your printing and designing that provides you with style and substance. We specialize in screen print, graphic design, embroidery, social media marketing, and printing. While you're getting your vision ready - we are creating it.

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